If you’ve received an RFP or been invited to submit a proposal on Plansight, you have a lot to look forward to. With Plansight, you get to be in the know as you work with brokers to secure new clients and retain existing ones.

  • Import proposals directly to our HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based platform.
  • Add interactive messaging — video, content, branding — to control your message to clients and prospects using context and color.
  • Review competitors’ proposals to understand how you stack up against the competition.
  • Reduce communication hassle with Plansight’s automated reminders and messaging tools.
  • Stop playing defense with your hands tied! Proactively approach adjustments and renewals by feeding client claims experience directly into Plansight. At any time of year, your clients, the broker and you can perform clear analysis on clean data that hasn’t exchanged hands or been corrupted through multiple file transfers.
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