Make every part of the RFP process faster, more efficient & more profitable.

Plansight saves teams 8-10 hours per Employer Renewal, on average. Learn how we do it by scrolling below or by booking a free demo with our team.

RFP Builder

Create your RFP in minutes

Complete RFP’s faster & more efficiently with our RFP Builder, a dynamic template that helps you maintain consistency & accuracy while saving time & eliminating redundancies.

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Zero manual data entry

Simply upload the documents and our team will input and format all of the data into a consistent RFP template for you, saving you time now and during renewals.

Build multiple lines at once

Create an RFP with over 26 Ancillary lines & major medical in minutes. There are no limits on coverage or funding types.

Consistent, complete customizable template

Keep the structure, language & formatting consistent on every RFP ensuring that there is no missing data while easily customizing content as needed.

Real-time team collaboration

Work with your team in a single system at the same time. You can also assign & track tasks while centralizing communication within the secure messaging portal.

Add as many contributors as you like

Invite your team, carrier and broker reps, or anyone who’s involved in completing the RFP in just a few clicks.

Create a single system of record

Keep everyone on the same page & save time by centralizing all information, tasks & communication in a single, shared, cloud-based location.
RFP Distribution

Single touch distribution

Instead of manually sending emails to individual carriers, you can now distribute your RFP to as many carriers as you like with a single click.

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Send RFPs with a single click

Instead of manually sending emails to individual carriers, you can now distribute your RFP to as many carriers as you like with a single click.

Access any carrier – no restrictions

Get access to any of the carriers on our platform or invite any carrier you like. There’s no limits!

Get the best offer the first time & spend less time negotiating

With our transparent marketplace, carriers are incentivized to send their most competitive offer the first time, cutting out unnecessary steps or negotiation.

See how carriers are engaging with the RFP in real time

Get notified when carriers have seen, opened, or downloaded your RFP, giving you complete visibility at every stage.

Any funding type

Fully, Level or Self Funded & ACA
Quote Comparison

Instantly compare quotes side-by-side without data entry

Plansight will automatically analyze & organize quotes into a simple comparison chart that anyone can understand.

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Quotes are automatically formatted into a comparison chart

Instantly see all carrier quotes in one clear, consistent format that makes it easy to identify the best options for your clients.

Differences in Plan Design are automatically flagged for you

Easily see changes in price, co-pay, max out of pocket & other important factors so you can quickly evaluate new vs existing plans.

No manual data interpretation or transposition

Plansight automatically analyzes and organizes quotes for you. No more pouring over multi-page documents or manually transposing data between systems.

Saves 8-10 hours per client renewal, on average

Brokers see an average of 8 to 10 hours per Employer Renewal, saving you thousands of hours each year across your clients.

Easily filter quotes by price, benefit type & more

Sort and organize quotes by price, benefit type, group size, funding types & more.
Client Presentations

Impress your clients with beautiful, modern presentations

No more wasting time formatting excel sheets, double checking formulas or dealing with pixelated logos.

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Customize presentations with easy annotations

Annotate, highlight, change text color, add client logos and so much more.

Make adjustments in real time

Whether you’re on Zoom or in person, you can quickly pull up information, make adjustments to plans, compare options & more – all in real time.

Export beautiful, print-ready presentations in minutes

Within minutes, create professional, multi-page client presentations.

Perfect for demonstrating your work & value to clients

Print the entire Market Response, demonstrate your value to clients by showcasing all the work you did to find them the best rates available.

Get the best rates every time

Because carriers are competing in our transparent marketplace, you'll always get the best rates and value for your clients.
Benefit Builder

Work with clients to build the perfect plans to fit the budget

No more dreaded “what if” questions. With the Plansight Benefit Builder, you can make changes to plans in real time, allowing brokers to create the right solutions at the right price.

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Offer more comprehensive plans without extra time or effort

Shop additional rates and offer clients complete insurance packages without spending extra time or losing business to another broker.

Save time while impressing clients

Show your clients different variations, options, and prices on Zoom or in person – no need to go back, build it, and meet again weeks later.

Build unlimited scenarios within seconds

With robust modeling capabilities, you can mix and match coverage (and see costs) in real time. No math or formulas required.
Automated Notifications

Make your final selections – then notify everyone instantly

With notifications that are automated, customizable, and secure, you can focus on closing the deal, not sending emails or making phone calls.

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Automatically send secure notifications

Let everyone know when your selection has been made without having to send a bunch of emails or pick up the phone.

Saves time & headache – no awkward conversations

Let carriers know if they didn’t win the business without having to contact them individually or having those “uncomfortable” conversations.

No restrictions on carriers, insurance types, group sizes, or funding types

It doesn’t matter which carrier you work with, what kinds of insurance you want to offer, your group or funding size – Plansight has your back!

All carriers

All insurance types

All group sizes

All funding types

General Agency support included

Get personalized, hands-on support when you become a Plansight customer

Hassle-free data migration

Simply send us the contact info for your team members, carriers, brokers & more and we’ll add them to your account.

Effortless integrations

Plansight integrates seamlessly with your tools; this reduces data entry so there’s no delay or downtime.

Showcase your brand colors & logo

Send us your style guide and our team will integrate your brand colors, fonts, and logo.

Product demo & training to set you up for success

See the product in action, learn exactly how it works, and get your questions answered during your live, interactive demo with our team.

On-going support & trainings

If you have questions or need help, you can reach us through phone, chat, or email. You’ll also get exclusive access to free trainings & workshops.

See how Plansight can save your team
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